Looking to increase productivity while reducing the cost IT? Perhaps you’re looking to take advantage of the mobility, security, and efficiency benefits of the latest cloud technologies. Or maybe you’re looking to support or outsource your IT department to reduce costs and spend less time worrying about IT and more time focusing on your core competencies. Either way, we can help!

From migrating your workstations to our hosted desktop solution to increase your team’s mobility, to powering your business with Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Infrastructure for increased stability and security, to a range of IT management services that keep your business operational for less, our Cloud Hosting and Management services are designed to save you time and money while increasing security, flexibility, and productivity by delivering high-quality, 24/7 IT support.

Hosted Desktop

With all the functionality of a full desktop experience, combined with the many advantages of cloud technology, our hosted desktop solution offers your business greater flexibility and security with drastically better pricing than a traditional, self-managed client-server setup.

Save thousands on energy bills and IT costs while enabling your team to securely work from anywhere, with access to high-quality, 24/7 IT support.

If your business is currently operating your own servers and desktop PCs onsite, it’s time to consider taking advantage of the latest advancements that cloud technology has to offer.

Azure Cloud Services

Today, 80% of businesses are utilising the cloud in some form, and the market is growing at a rate 60% faster than local infrastructure.

Microsoft’s Azure Cloud represents the pinnacle of our technology solutions offering, combining the power of a fully customizable, fully scalable cloud infrastructure system with the reliability and trustworthiness of the Microsoft brand.

With its ability to scale to any need large or small, SMEs can now reduce their IT management time and costs to focus on their core competencies, while increasing productivity through a suite of tools designed to work on any device, anywhere.

For those thinking about transitioning some of their IT assets to the cloud, as well as those ready to take full advantage of the cloud by migrating the majority of their IT infrastructure to it, a host of cost, security, and productivity benefits await.

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