End Point Security

CrowdStrike Falcon endpoint protection unifies the technologies required to successfully stop breaches: next-generation antivirus, endpoint detection and response, IT hygiene, 24/7 threat hunting and threat intelligence. They combine to provide continuous breach prevention in a single agent.

End Point SecurityEnd Point Security

Secure Web Gateway

Only the iboss Distributed Gateway PlatformTM  provides the comprehensive protection you need today while delivering the flexibility to scale to the terabit-per-second environment of the future — all while delivering the lowest total cost of ownership. Built for the cloud, our Platform allows you to easily deliver and manage security on complex and decentralized enterprise networks. Our revolutionary node-based architecture frees you from having to continually add cumbersome and prohibitively expensive on-prem appliances.

Secure Web GatewaySecure Web Gateway

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is a core part of creating a proactive security program, letting you identify the holes that can be used during an attack and how to seal them up before a breach happens. But vulnerability management is more than just launching scans and finding vulnerabilities; you have to create processes around efficient remediation and ensure that the most critical items are being fixed first. What you do with the data after you get it is more important than simply collecting vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability ManagementVulnerability Management

User & Entity Behaviour Analytics

User Behavior Analytics (UBA), also known as User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), Security User Behavior Analytics (SUBA), and User and Network Behavior Analytics (UNBA), provides the most straightforward approach to detect compromised credentials, lateral movement, and other malicious behavior.

User & Entity Behaviour AnalyticsUser & Entity Behaviour Analytics

Network Access Control

We’re not like other NAC solutions. “The Impulse Experience” was a phrase coined by one of our customers after we asked them what they liked best about our product. You see, they couldn’t choose just one thing.

Network Access ControlNetwork Access Control