We’re not like other NAC solutions

“The Impulse Experience” was a phrase coined by one of our customers after we asked them what they liked best about our product. You see, they couldn’t choose just one thing.

The way we’ve designed our SafeConnect product, the way we deliver and support it for our customers, and the way we do business all goes back to our user-centric philosophy. We understand that it’s not only about the network; it’s about the user and their experience and how that experience reflects on the help desk, the security officer, the network team, systems administration, and the business decisions they all make.

We believe that your NAC system should work with any type of network infrastructure you may have. We believe it should be easy to install and even easier to use. And we believe that it should be automated, not in only how it’s run but how its deployed, supported and maintained. This significantly eliminates the complexity and constant management found with other solutions. We want you to have the freedom to run the rest of your network without worrying about how people gain access to it.

This full-service solution approach combines Impulse’s products with expert technical support and network insight. As a result, our clients gain an enduring and evolving solution that is able to address ever-changing security, intelligence, and visibility and control demands.

Simply put, The Impulse Experience isn’t just one thing – it’s everything.

Why Choose us?

Cloud-Managed Installation & Support
SafeConnect installs remotely, eliminating the need for costly on-site consulting integration services. Proactive monitoring and cloud-managed updates reduce TCO and IT resource requirements.

Flexible Enforcement Options
Our standard RADIUS-Based enforcement requires no VLAN changes, and our unique Layer 3 option negates 802.1X requirements.

Real-Time Security Assessment
Real-time security assessment and enforcement for Windows, Mac OS and mobile devices.

Superior User Experience
Fast onboarding, accurate identification and authentication persistence means fewer help desk calls and improved customer satisfaction.

Vendor Independent
With no proprietary network devices or RADIUS server requirements, SafeConnect works with a broad range of network infrastructure manufacturers.