We provide one of the most comprehensive assessments for most MS Exchange environments, including Office 365, Exchange 2013, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2007, and Exchange 2003.

Whether you’re looking to more accurately quote your support costs, plan for an email migration, or simply improve your documentation for or mail services we will provide the answers.

We will provide the following reports:

Exchange Risk Report

Designed specifically to be a customer-facing document, this report provides a polished overview of any issues identified in the more detailed reports. Corresponding charts and graphs clearly communicate issues and serve as a graphical aide to help suggest remedial steps.

Traffic and Use Report

Shows you the status of all mailboxes – their size limits, percentage used, and percentage free. This report is extremely useful when planning a migration or for growth planning to ensure that systems will continue to run without interruption.

Mobile Device Report

Provides a detailed listing of every mobile device used by employees to access their organization’s mailbox. The report indicates the names and specific types of mobile devices that are accessing the exchange server, as well as the operating systems and even the number of folders that are being updated.

Mailbox Detail Report

Gives you a mailbox-by-mailbox catalogue of information, including everything from mailbox display name to quotas to a listing of folders/sizes for each mailbox (and more).

Distribution Lists

Identifies and lists all distribution groups as well as which end-users or other groups are to receive any emails.

Mailbox Permissions Report

Will identify on a mailbox-by-mailbox basis which groups or which individuals have access to the mailbox and at what level.

Mailbox Permissions by User Report

Inverts the information to show you on a user-by-user basis which users have access to which mailboxes. This report is a great way to document individual access rights.