Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Truly Mobile’s world-class Network Operations Centre (NOC) is a geo-redundant facility providing infrastructure monitoring services for UK based and international organisations. Benefits include:

  • The health and stability of your IT Infrastructure and applications, achieved by our pro-active management technology embedded within our service.
  • 24/7/365 intelligence monitoring.
  • Preventative remediation; identifying potential problems before they impact on business operations.
  • Targeting high availability of your IT system and services, managing capacity events in real-time.
  • Dedicated, expert resources working as a unified team across our multiple office locations.

NOC is integrated into our IT Service Management platform and award-winning service desk for seamless, frictionless incident resolution and escalation to subject matter experts.

Standard server monitoring together with endpoint management is integral to Truly Mobile’s Network Operations Centre. Monitoring focusses on management information from:

  • Physical and virtual machines
  • LAN and WAN connectivity
  • Storage
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Firewalls
  • UPS and Access Control Services
  • Websites

A customised dashboard is available to all our clients by default, with mobile application access to key information and SMS alerting to nominated IT contacts as required.

Advanced NOC Monitoring Service

Today, most organisations must ensure their IT infrastructure and applications remain highly available and perform continuously at optimum levels. The option of Truly Mobile’s Advanced NOC Monitoring Service harnesses industry leading technologies to achieve this and is backed by a strong SLA.

Our Advanced NOC Monitoring Service builds an additional layer of robustness to the standard level with intelligent monitoring sets. This provides more granular detail for complete peace of mind. NOC Advanced Monitoring is provided in real-time across all core infrastructure with Priority 1 incidents serviced on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis.

Managed Security Patching

To maintain the reliability and security of servers, network and storage appliances and end user devices, Truly Mobile offers a fully outsourced patching service. The steps comprise of:

  • Our accredited engineers check the integrity of the most recent backup routines.
  • Patches are planned and deployed at a convenient time, selected by our clients from a flexible frequency.
  • Following application, services are restored online before being fully tested from an end-user application perspective.

Microsoft release security roll-up updates on the 2nd Tuesday of each month (known as patch Tuesday). We apply these patches to our clients’ production environments and align them with the patching schedule, which is typically monthly or quarterly. To mitigate the risk of a failed patch deployment, we take care to confirm successful backups first.

Managed Custom Patching

To help organisations keep pace with vendor application updates and service packs, Truly Mobile offers custom patching agreements. This is for Truly Mobile managed applications that may require ad-hoc patching with specific prerequisites and expertise.

If your answer to any of the following questions is yes, managed custom patching may be ideal for your business:

  • You want to unlock additional features and benefits from line of business applications as soon as they become available.
  • You are highly security conscious; any known issues must be rapidly resolved.
  • You want to stay with your current applications such as MS Exchange, Citrix VDI, SQL.
  • You want to maintain the performance, stability and functionality of your current applications.

With this service in place, and where a patch or update is available for an application which relates to an incident or fault logged with our service desk, this is applied as part of our standard support service.

Managed Endpoint

In today’s high-risk world, and with a plethora of end user devices to oversee in your organisation, Managed Endpoint reduces security concerns by monitoring and reporting on all user devices for Anti-Virus compliance.                                      

Our service is based on the industry-leading Bitdefender GravityZone product, comprising of a standard Antivirus/Anti Malware offering with an optional advanced set of components for increased endpoint protection.

Proactive reporting is included to confirm endpoint compliance, license consumption and detail any infections prevented.

Businesses can opt to purchase the advanced version of the Bitdefender Gravity Zone product without Truly Mobile’s management service, affording the option of self-service reporting.

Managed Backup

The critical importance of a robust data security strategy against today’s landscape of cyber security threats, cloud sprawl and exponential data growth is well recognised.

Without a documented backup management regime in place, the inability to rapidly recover from an incident could quickly and irreparably damage a business’s reputation or financial stability.

Truly Mobile understands this can be a challenge for organisations with limited internal IT resources. We have a dedicated team of experts whose primary focus is on the integrity of our clients’ on and off-site data protection routines.

From the simplest of backup solutions, to complex backup and replication configurations, our clients can outsource the responsibility for successful and sustained data protection to us.